Her early childhood is spent in Geneva, where her father Jean-Pierre Grom, artist-painter, has a workshop of engraver-jeweller in the Grand-Rue of the Old Town. He officiates among others for Rolex. Her family moves back to the canton of Neuchâtel, in Saint-Aubin, when she is eight years old.

As an only child, her parents encourage her to express her creativity and curiosity about Life. She then begins, still a child, to come up with her own drawings under the watchful eye of her father who teaches her the techniques of the trade and allows her to put her ideas into practice. He transmits to her a rigor of work, in conformity with her already geometric drawings.

Her passion for this work with matter is now part of her life and quickly takes her to participate in various collective and individual exhibitions.

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Gabrielle uses a plate-to-plate welding technique, polishing and sulfur oxidation, similar to the Hopi technique, to create contrasts between anthracite oxidized zones and polished silver shine, as well as depths.

A relatively recent technique among the Hopis, it goes back to the years 1940-50. The Hopi tribe organized the Hopi Arts and Crafts Silver Craft Cooperative Guild in Second Mesa, Arizona, in 1949. This technique stems from other approaches that the Hopis had received from the Navajos who themselves had learned them from Mexican jewellers.

Subsequently these tribes influenced each other, the Hopis usually engrave the black oxidized areas while the Navajos keep them sober on more massive pieces, although in time the jewellers have come to individualize their style both at the technical level and at the symbolic level of the drawings


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Gabrielle invites you, by appointment, to visit her workshop and to discover her work and her creations. Each piece, in sterling silver, is unique.

She can also create custom-made pieces that take into account your desires and ideas, in order to adapt to your personal taste, while maintaining her own style, for a jewel that resembles you.


Gabrielle Grom
Chemin du Moulin 14
1588 Cudrefin

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